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Bruker Avance NEO 400 Signup Rules

Avance NEO 400 Sign Up Rules

  1. In order to use this instrument you must be checked out by one of the facility staff.
  2. The time from 8am - 6pm M-F is available in 10-minute reservable blocks. From 8am-6pm M-F you may not sign up for more than 2 consecutive 10 minute blocks for any given signup. You cannot have another user sign up for time immediately before or after your 20 minute block for you to use. Sign ups are limited to a total of 3 hours per person per day.
  3. You may reserve up to a 3 hour block M-F between 6pm-10pm M-F. You are limited to a total of 3 hours during this evening block.
  4. You can book the entire time from 10pm - 8am  M-F. You cannot use any portion of your available 5pm-10pm time to extend the overnight block. Likewise you may not have another person book time under their user ID to extend your time. You are expected to arrive on time and finish on time when you reserve  these overnight blocks.
  5. You can reserved up to 12 consecutive hours on the weekends with no time of day restriction.
  6. The 10-minute reservable blocks will not be held past their start time if you are not there on time your slot is forfeited. The 1-hour reservable blocks will be held 10 minutes before being forfeited. All forfeited blocks become available on a first come first serve basis.
  7. If you find you will not be able to use your time please remove your name from the list as soon as possible. You should also contact the person who has reserved the slot following your deleted time to see if they can use the time.
  8. These Rules will be strictly enforced. Violators will have their reservation canceled with no notice.

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