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Bruker Avance 600 Help Sheets

Console Reboot || Probe Change

Avance 600 Console Reboot

Step 1. Exit TopSpin.  With the right mouse button pressed, select “Open terminal”. Within the terminal window type the bold entries below.

[user@chem2126b dir]$ telnet spect<return>
login: root<return>
spect> init  5<return>

Note: If you do not get the login prompt go ahead to step 2. Then repeat starting from 1.

Step 2.  Open the left console door, turn off the BSMS/2 unit (lower part), turn off the AQS/2 unit (upper part). Turn on the AQS/2 unit (upper part), wait 20 - 30 seconds, then turn on the BSMS/2 unit (lower part).

Step 3.  Close the console door. Start TopSpin and open a data file. Type ii<return> on the command line. If error messages are displayed click OK/Close. Type ii<return> on the command line again. You should see no error messages the second time through.

Step 4. Type lockdisp<return>, type rsh<return>. Select the latest default shim file and click the Read button. Repeat reading the shims as they sometimes don't load properly the first time after a console reboot.


If you encounter any problems, please contact Yi Meng (phone 2-2113, e-mail or Dan Borchardt (phone 2-3628, e-mail

AVANCE 600 NMR Spectrometer Probe Change  

  1. Ensure that no acquisition is running.
  2. Remove any sample that may be present in the magnet by pressing the [LIFT ON-OFF] on the BSMS unit, then press [LIFT ON-OFF].
  3. Type edte<return>, the Temperature Control Window will pop up.  If the heater is on, click the On button to turn off the heater.  Allow the probe to settle to room temperature.
  4. Disconnect the heater, thermocouple, gradient connectors, PICS, VT air/N2 and all remaining coaxial cables from the probe.  Make sure you disconnect the heater connector first.
  5. Loosen the two milled screws (gold colored) that secure the probe in the magnet.  Lower the probe straight down and out of the magnet, place it in its box with the VT inlet down and close the box.
  6. Find the box with the probe you will be using and remove it.  Slowly insert the probe into the magnet (the VT inlet will always point to the right).  Once seated properly secure the probe in the magnet with the two screws (gold colored).  Reconnect the coaxial cables and VT air/N2, thermocouple, heater and any other connections as appropriate.  Make sure you reconnect the VT air/N2 first and finish with the heater connector.  Check the cabling diagrams for proper routing of the cables to the HPPR.
  7. Return to the computer console and type edhead<return>to pop up the probe table setup window.  The highlighted probe name should be the probe you are using if the PICS connector has been connected properly.  Click the Define as current probe, Seen and exit buttons.
  8. You must select the correct sensor based on the probe you are using before turning on the heater:  Type edte<return>, the temperature control window will show up.  Click the Config. tab to get the configuration set up dialog box, select Celsius and 999.9 for “Display Unit” and “Decimal Precision” respectively.  Select Thermocouple T as the “Sensor” type for BBO, TXI or SEF probe, select Bto2000 for TBI or TXI 1mm probe.  Click the Main display tab.
  9. Set “Target Temp” and click Change and OK.  Adjust “Gas Flow” and “Heater Power” properly.  Click the heater Off button to turn on the heater.


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