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X-Ray Facility

Bruker SMART APEX2 CCDVacuum Atmospheres Glove Box

Bruker SMART APEX2 CCD (left)
Vacuum Atmospheres Glove Box (right)

The x-ray facility is equipped with a Bruker single crystal x-ray diffraction system. A SMART APEX2 system with a 3-circle geometry platform. The facility has low temperature capability and a Vacuum Atmospheres glove box with video microscope for handling air/moisture/oxygen sensitive samples.

Using an optimized parameter set for data collection structures can be determined within 2-3 hours, depending on crystal size and space group. Publication quality structures, however, require 6 hours or longer. Turn around time is highly dependent on crystal quality and size.

Low temperature data collection is routinely performed at 100 ºK. The lowest temperature attainable is about 90 ºK. Thin plate crystals as little as 10 microns thick can be handled and structure determined. Twin crystals can be resolved using the latest Cell_Now and RLATT programs from Bruker. The Bruker SAINT program is used for data reduction. The SHELXTL program is used for standard structure determination and refinement. The SADABS/TWINABS program is used in the absorption correction calculation. Crystal face indexing is possible if the sample has well defined faces.

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Analytical Chemistry Instrumentation Facility
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