ACIF Membership

Starting December 2020, ACIF@UC-Riverside is introducing the ACIF membership. 

ACIF membership fee is $1000/year for the whole research group. 


Membership Benefits include:
  1. Unlimited access to Optical Facility (Excluding Raman/AFM) in ACIF, a $750 value of Optical annual subscription;
  2. Discounted rates across ACIF facilities and please see details on each facility's rate page;
  3. Monthly caps for each group on expenditures in the facilities. Once a group hits the monthly cap, rates drop to 1/3 of the current rate. Please see the following table for details: 
ACIF Monthly Cap on Instruments
Instruments (Summation) Monthly Cap
NMR600s, 500, 400 and 300 $1000
NMR 700 $2000
Mass Spec

$500 for walk-up access

No cap for LCMS

Raman/AFM $500
X-Ray $1550
EPR $500




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