Avance NEO 400 - Sign Up Rules

Avance NEO 400 Sign Up Rules


  1. In order to use this instrument you must be checked out by one of the facility staff.
  2. From Monday to Friday 8AM-6PM, each user may not sign up for more than 2 consecutive 10 minute blocks for any given signup. Each GROUP can only book 20 minutes out of 1 hour time frame.
  3. From Monday to Friday 6PM-8PM, each user can book one hour time slot. Each group has one hour limit.
  4. Weekend and Monday-Friday after 8PM, each user can reserved up to 12 consecutive hours with no time of day restriction.
  5. Back-to-Back reservation from the same group is prohibited, even during the weekend. 
  6. Only one overnight session is allowed per group per day across the NMR facility.
  7. If you find any time slots available within 10 minutes, you are encouraged to book and use them. 20-minutes limit per user still applies to those empty slots.
  8. Please use your time after you reserve it. If you find you will not be able to use your time please remove your name from the schedule as soon as possible. 
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