Submission Process


UCR Submission Guidelines for Mass Spectral Analysis

Samples submitted to UCR without the information listed below will not be analyzed.


First Time Users

First time users should CALL the lab before submitting samples, at 951-827-5287. 

Alternative contact information:
Dr. Jie Zhou - 951-827-5287 or

Mailing Address to Send Samples

UCR MS Facility 
Department of Chemistry
501 Big Springs Road
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521

Requests for Rush Service

Samples are normally analyzed on a first come, first served basis. If you have need for faster service due to sample instability or sensitivity, we provide a rush service. This costs more than normal service. The analysis will be performed as soon as possible once we receive the request.

How to: 

Requests for rush service can be made only by the research professor or his designated representative. ( UCR personnel must be informed by the professor if someone else is authorized to make such requests.) The request can be made in writing, by phone, or by e-mail.

The form should be either a Word.doc or an Acrobat.pdf.

In order to eliminate problems with legibility, the form must not have any handwriting.

All fonts should be a reasonable size so UCR personnel can easily read everything.

Structures should be generated by Chem. Draw or equivalent software. They should NOT be attached as image files. They should be imported into the submission form. Note: Chem Draw sometimes uses two decimal places for exact mass. We need four decimal places.

ALL of the information listed under the requirements below must be provided on the form.

The form should be able to accomodate several samples. This may require more than one page to be submitted for larger sets of samples. All pages should be combined into a single file.

When the submission form is ready, send it to us as a single attachment in our electronic submission process located here.

Once a user has completed the electronic submission process, the UCR facility receives an e-mail with all the information provided by the user. UCR  will print the submission form at our facility. DO NOT send a duplicate form with your samples.



Purchase Orders

We encourage all users to establish a long term puchase order (P.O.).  By doing so, you will eliminate the need for searching for a P.O. number every time you are ready to send samples. It saves us time also, because we know ahead of time how to bill for our services. The PO is established at the submitter's location. The PO can be established for a fixed time period, e.g, one year, or for a fixed dollar amount, e.g. $1000, or a combination of these two options.

Our online submission process will ask the user to attach a PO as a pdf file.

If you have established a long term PO with us, you only need to send this attachment with your first submission. All subsequent submissions can simply attach a file in the PO slot which states UCR has a PO on file. Once your PO expires, UCR will notify the user that a new PO must be submitted.

If you do not have a long term PO established with us, you must attach a new PO with every sample submission.



Sample Submission Forms

Each set of samples sent to UCR for analysis must be accompanied by a sample submission form. One suggested form is shown here.  We will accept user designed forms if they meet our requirements, as listed below.

For User Designed Forms

Requirements ( for each sample )


P.O. number ( see above )

Specific solvent to dissolve sample ( Item most commonly omitted ) 
Note: Samples that only dissolve in DMSO may not be able to be analyzed.

  • Amount of sample submitted ( specify number of mg sent )
  • Proposed structure and formula.(use Chem. Draw or equivalent)
  • Submitters name, telephone number, and email address.
    Research Professor
  • Sample identification number.
  • Type of analysis requested, i.e., low res., accurate mass, etc. Note: HRMS IS NOT A  VALID OPTION

MALDI submission guideline


Oligonucleotide samples for MALDI are best sent dry and as salt free/ phosphate free/ and surfectant free as you can make them. 100 - 150 pmoles should be submitted. Please provide sequence if known, or indicate approximate size and dominant base. How well the oligonucleotides run by MALDI depends on the base content and purity.

Poly T > Poly C > Poly A > Poly G. For a G rich oligo, 150 pmoles minimum should be submitted.

For further information contact or call Jie Zhou at (951) 827-5287.

If Available

Send mass spectra you have for each sample, not just conditions, and include the following acquisition conditions, ( Avoid submitting averaged spectra. This type of data is often of poor quality and often misinterpreted by the submitter.)

  1. Note: If UCR has analyzed similar samples, just send a copy of the data.

Sample Shipping

  • Recommended - circular cardboard shipping cartons with metal lids. Samples will be returned in these containers if thus shipped.
  • Not necessary to seal lids with tape, only makes it harder to open.
  • Not recommended - envelopes or other soft containers. Breakage often results.

Sample Containers


All samples are to be submitted in glass bottles with screw cap and Teflon or septa inserts. The bottle should be no larger than 2ml. A picture of the preferred container is shown below. Plastic is not recommended due to leaching of plasticizers. Preferred label on bottle is paper taped to vial.

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