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ACIF Director

Photo of Matt Conley

Prof. Matthew P. Conley


ACIF Staff Listing

  • Dr. Kerry Hanson - Raman/AFM
  • Dr. Ilkeun Lee -  XPS Facility
  • Dr. Charlene Tsay - X-ray Facility
  • Dr. Jie Zhou - Mass Spec Facility
  • Dr. Lingchao Zhu - NMR and Optical Facilities




Kerry M Hanson - Raman/AFM contact
Kerry Photo

Academic Coordinator
Phone: 951-827-3079 

B.S. 1992 Chemistry, University of California, Santa Cruz
Ph.D. 1998 Chemistry, University of California, San Diego
PostDoc 1998-2001,  University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Visiting Research Professor, 2001-2004, Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Senior Research Chemist, 2005-Present, University of California, Riverside


Research interests include ultraviolet (UV)-induced photochemical responses in the skin and sunscreen photostability.  KMH also uses her expertise in sunscreen photochemistry and skin photobiology to bridge the gap between basic research and public understanding.  Media requests can be made through

Ilkeun Lee - Manager, XPS Facility
Photo of Ilkeun Lee

Academic Coordinator

B.S. 1995, Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University
M.S. 1997, Vacuum Science Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University
Ph.D. 2001, Physical Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University

Google Scholar:

Research interests include surface chemistry, surface analysis, and nanoparticles/nano-structured materials and catalysis

Charlene Tsay Manager, X-ray Facility

Academic Coordinator
Phone: 951-827-4645

B.S. 2006, Chemistry
University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. 2013, Inorganic Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PostDoc 2013-2017
University of California, Irvine

PostDoc 2017-2018
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Academic Coordinator 2018-present
University of California, Riverside

Research interests include twinning, whole-molecule disorder, and incommensurate structures.

Jie Zhou - Manager, Mass Spec Facility
People - Jie Zhou

Academic Coordinator
Phone: 951-827-5287

B.S., 1982, Physics, Anhui University, China
M.S., 1985, Analytical Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Ph.D. 1994, Physics, University of Manitoba, Canada

Lecturer, 1985-1988, Dept. of Chemistry, Univ. of Sci. and Tech. of China.
Post Doc/Senior Research Associate, 1994-1997, City of Hope National Medical Center.
Research Scientist, 1997-2006, Beckman Institute, California Institute of Technology.
Director, 2006-2016, Protein and Peptide Microanalytical Lab, Beckman Institute.
Academic Coordinator, 2016-present, Univ. of California, Riverside

Research interests include electrospray and MALDI mass spectrometry analyses of small molecules, large biomolecules and protein post-translational modifications, and the development of ion-exchange based techniques for protein purification and phosphorylated peptide enrichment.

Lingchao Zhu Manager, NMR and Optical Facilities

Academic Coordinator
Phone: 951-827-3628

B.S., 2008, Physics, University of Science and Technology of China
Ph.D., 2013, Physics, University of California, Riverside
Instrument Technologist, 2013-2018, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assistant Director of NMR facility, 2018-2019, University of Pennsylvania
Academic Coordinator, 2019-present, University of California, Riverside

Research interests include development of NMR and optical spectroscopic techniques for the determination of the solution structure of biomolecules, kinetic studies of small molecules , photochemical dynamics of crystal material and NMR application of nano-material.

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