Sample Submission



Sample submission rules:

  • Do not submit samples to the queue unless the crystals exist and are ready to be examined
    • For crystals known to degrade quickly after they are grown, contact 
  • Samples will be examined in the order they were submitted 
  • Your sample needs to be clearly labelled

How to submit a sample:

Submit your sample to the queue using this: Sample Submission Online Form 

Please download and fill in the paper sample submission form: UCR X-Ray Sample Submission Sheet. You will be contacted via e-mail when your turn comes to bring your crystals. Please clearly label your vial with your sample ID. You can either give it personally to the crystallographer or leave it in the Sample Submission/Returns box outside the lab.

What happens next:

You will be contacted via e-mail about the outcome of your submission. Please pick up your sample, it will be in the return box outside the lab.


Last updated: Jan, 2022


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