Sample Submission


Sample submission rules

  • Do not submit samples to the queue unless the crystals exist and are ready to be examined
    • For crystals known to degrade quickly after they are grown, contact to schedule a specific time to examine them
  • Samples will be timestamped and examined in the order they were submitted to the queue (see below for exceptions for urgent samples)
  • No research group can go twice in a row if there are other groups waiting
    • Second and successive samples from the same group will be spaced out every other sample until no other groups are waiting
  • For urgent samples, contact to discuss bypassing the queue
    • A record of urgent requests will be kept and this policy may change if abused

Submit samples to the online queue: UCR X-Ray Facility Sample Submission

Sample submission sheet: UCR X-Ray Facility Sample Submission Sheet

View sample queue and instrument status: UCR X-Ray Facility Sample Queue and Instrument Status

  • Requires UCR login; contact for external access
  • Timestamped sample submissions are automatically sent to the "Submissions" tab and are manually moved to the "Queue" tab



Last updated: July 28, 2020


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