Services and Rates


The UCR ACIF X-Ray Facility offers the following services:

Single-crystal diffraction experiment
Mo (0.71 Å) or Cu (1.54 Å) radiation
80-400K sample temperature.
Samples mounted in Paratone oil on X-ray-transparent mounts or glued on glass fibers

Determination of absolute configuration
Generally requires at least one oxygen or heavier atom per 10 carbon/nitrogen atoms

Protein crystal screening and data collection

Transmission-mode powder diffraction experiment
Very little sample required
Samples mounted in capillaries or in oil on X-ray-transparent mounts

All charges listed are UCR Proposed internal rates for work by facility personnel.
External academic and commercial samples welcome, please email for additional information and rates.

Unit cell determination or crystal face indexing
Members: $75, Non-Members: $150

Also can include a low-resolution structure ID/connectivity check.

Data collection
Members: $200, Non-Members: $400

Data collection and preliminary structure without final write-up.

Full structure determination
Members: $300, Non-Members: $600

Data collection; structure determination and refinement; and final write-up including experimental and refinement details, checkCIF report, and relevant tables for publication.

Please email if you would like to be contacted when user training becomes available.



Last updated: January 28, 2021


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