COVID-19 Safety Procedures


This summary describes measures to be applied to the X-ray facility to conduct our activities in a safe and healthy way during the COVID-19 epidemic period.
These measures and recommendations are in effect for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak, and are subject to change as the health emergency evolves.
The success in implementing these guidelines is only possible with the commitment and responsibility of each one of us.
Remember that all these actions are aimed at preserving the health and safety of yourself and your colleagues, and ultimately the population at large.
The implementation of all the measures to work in a safe manner is time-demanding; above all:
Do not rush when applying the safety rules in order to save time.

In addition to the measures described here, refer to EHS (, for more details describing special precautions that will be implemented in the lab and/or office.

Wearing a face covering (cotton or disposable mask and/or face shield) is mandatory if you need access to the X-ray facility. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Fresh gloves are also provided as necessary, and are to be disposed of after you leave the X-ray facility.

Disinfecting common work areas – All sample vial exteriors will be wiped down with an isopropanol/water mixture before further handling. Waiting area surfaces and the facility door handle will be wiped down after each user. All other workspaces of the facility will not be accessible to users, but will be wiped down at the end of each day.



Last updated: July 28, 2020


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