Optical Facility Rates and Training


New Optical Lab and Raman/AFM Users Only:


Online Laser Safety Training Course is MANDATORY before Raman/AFM Training!


UCR users can opt  to pay a $750.00 annual fee for unlimited access to the Optical Facility (excluding Horiba Raman/AFM) for their entire group. Or your group can join ACIF membership, which includes the Optical facility annual access. If you are an occasional user you can opt for single use access for $50.00 per use. Please contact Lingchao Zhu at 951-827-3628 or e-mail me at to arrange for service or training.


Access to the Horiba LabRam/Aist-NT AFM is on an hourly recharge basis.

ACIF membership Proposed Rates are $9.00/hr instrument time and $25.00/hr operator assistance.

Non-membership Proposed Rates are $18/hr instrument time and $50/hr operator assistance for non-membership.

Please contact Kerry Hanson at 951-827-3079 or e-mail at to arrange for Raman/AFM service or training.

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