New Guidelines in NMR Facility during COVID19

1. Wearing Mask or Face Covering is Mandatory in NMR labs. Until further notice, Only One Person is allowed Per Instrument!
2. Please put fresh gloves on before handling anything and dispose them after you are done. We have provided fresh gloves in the lab.   
3. Please disinfect "high touch" areas(e.g. Keyboard, PC mouse) after you are complete with your experiments. Please use Squirt Bottle to spray Ethanol to paper towels first and then use the paper towels to clean those areas. Don't spray Ethanol directly to anything. 
4. There is one new rule in the scheduling policy: No back-to-back reservation is allowed. Please always leave one empty slot before and after your reservation. This will prevent users congregating in the lab. See the example picture below: 


Other rules will be the same. 
5. Limit your time and minimize conversation in NMR lab. But do not rush when applying the safety rules in order to save time. If you have one or two quick 1H experiments, you will stay in the lab. However, if you have a 10mins 13C experiment, please start the experiment and then leave the lab. You can pick up your sample and wrap up your experiment after 10mins. 
6. No drop-by visits are allowed in the lab or office. Please email or call 951-827-3628 for contacting Dr. Lingchao Zhu. For consultations, we can use Zoom to discuss all the details of experiment.

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