MNova License Update

We are pleased to announce that we have renewed the MNova annual license, which will expire on Oct 8 2024. 

Here is the instruction of how to install MNova:

1. You need to download Mnova and install it. Please uninstall and delete any folder from previous installation first. Here is the download link:

2. You can download our license files from this link:  (You need to login into your R'Mail to get the access)
3. Put those license files into the folder <path_where_Mnova_was_installed>/licenses. If you have old MNova licenses, please remove the old ones before using the new ones. The NMR license is for regular NMR processing. qNMR and Reaction Monitoring licenses need Advanced Plug-ins and you can install them in "Edit menu/Advanced Plugins".
4. Connect UCR VPN first and then open Mnova. Here is some information of UCR VPN:
5. Once the license files are verified, you should see the following picture in "Help->License Manager". You will need to connect UCR VPN and then open Mnova every 90 days to re-activate the licenses. Once it is activated, you are good for 90 days. Sharing the license with other institution or person is prohibited. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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