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Optical Facility


ACIF Optical Facility Instrumentation

Bruker IFS 120 HR

Bruker IFS 120 HR FTIR (0.005 cm-1 resolution)

Bruker Equinox 55

Bruker Equinox 55 FTIR with microscope and step scan (0.5 cm-1 resolution)

Dilor XY Laser Raman

Dilor XY Laser Raman with imaging microscope (532 nm Diode and Ar ion lasers)

Varian Cary 50

Two Varian Cary 50 UV/Vis spectrophotometers 190nm-1100nm

Cary 500 UV/Vis/NIR

Varian Cary 500 double beam scanning UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer (175nm-3000nm)

Rudolph AutoPol IV

Rudolph AutoPol IV polarimeter (six wavelengths)

JASCO J600 CD Spectrophotometer

Jasco J-815 CD spectrophotometer

Spex Fluorolog Tau-3 Spectrophotometer

Spex Fluorolog Tau-3 fluorescence spectrophotometer

Optical Facility Recharge

UCR users can opt  to pay a $415.00 annual fee for unlimited access to the Optical Facility for their entire group. If you are an occassional user you can opt for single use access for $25.00 per use. Access to he Horiba LabRam/Aist-NT AFM is on an hourly recharge basis. Current rates are $6.00/hr instrument time and $25.00/hr operator assistance.

Contact Lingchao Zhu at 951-827-3628 or e-mail me at to arrange for service or training.

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Analytical Chemistry Instrumentation Facility
Chemical Sciences Bldg.
Director: (951) 827-3565
Mass Spec: (951) 827-5287
NMR: (951) 827-3628
Optical: (951) 827-3628
X-ray: (951) 827-4645
Fax: (951) 827-4713