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May 16, 2005: New NMR facility in Physical Sciences

We have completed the move from Pierce Hall to the new Physical Sciences building. Along with the move we have acquired two new instruments. A Varian Inova 400 formerly located in Boyce Hall and a brand new Bruker Avance 600. The Inova 400 is practically identical to the existing Inova 300. However, there are a few additional probes available. These consist of two 4 nucleus probes one of which will be used as a broadband direct detect probe, an indirect detect broadband gradient probe and a 3mm broadband probe that requires only 70 micro liters total sample volume. Scheduling for this instrument starts today and it will initially be available in 30 minute blocks. The Avance 600 is up and running and we have been running some user samples. A schedule will be up on the web May 23rd. Users must have a demonstrated need to gain access and will only be trained for independent use if they will be regular users (i.e. more than once a month on average). Additionally the Bruker Avance 300 was moved from Pierce Hall to the Chemical Sciences addition room 123. Coincident with the move the software was upgraded to Topspin. Those requiring training should contact Yi Meng to make arrangements.

March 12, 2004: Bruker Avance 300 Installed

The Avance 300 installation has been completed and we are training users.

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March 1, 2004: New Bruker Avance 300

The new Bruker Avance 300 MHz NMR has arrived. Installation will start Tuesday March 2. Watch this space for updates on the installation.

March 1, 2004: New Scheduling System

A new web based NMR scheduling system is now in use. We have implemented a new scheduling system that has a variety of enhancements over the old one. The most significant being the inclusion of sign up rule enforcement. Please let us know what you think of the new system and if you have any suggestions for improvement.

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